ZgoCloud Data Center

ZgoCloud Data Center

Japan Data Center

Our data center is located in the Equinix facility in Osaka, Japan, renowned for its outstanding technical infrastructure and prime geographical location. We take pride in offering self-owned hardware from ZgoCloud and have established close partnerships with Japanese carriers such as NTT, IIJ, ensuring seamless connectivity to China, Southeast Asia, the United States, Australia, and beyond.


organizations such as finance, manufacturing, retail, transportation, government, healthcare and education across a digital-first world. Business leaders harness our trusted global platform to bring together and interconnect the foundational infrastructure that powers their success—sustainably and securely.

Founded in Silicon Valley in 1998 as a vendor-neutral multitenant data center provider where competing networks could securely connect and share data traffic, we chose a name that reflected our company’s focus on EQUality, Neutrality and Internet eXchange—Equinix.

Through Platform Equinix® and our ecosystem of leading service providers, digital leaders fast-track competitive advantage across clouds, networking, storage, compute and software. Whether you’re building a history-making product, blazing an industry-first business model or pioneering a new way to collaborate globally, Equinix provides the global reach, the rich ecosystem and the service excellence today’s organizations need to compete and win.


xTom is a privately held professional web hosting company founded in Germany and Australia. All our technology and support is centered around several data centers including Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, London, Tallinn, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, San Jose and Sydney with premium bandwidth such as Arelion (Telia), Lumen (Level 3), Liberty Global, Softbank, NTT, IIJ, Telstra, GSL, China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile. With maximum uptime, fast support, and high performance hosting being our core focus,we continue to be one of the most recognized hosts in the world.

US Data Center

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, our data center offers top-notch network infrastructure designed to provide unparalleled performance and reliability for your online business. We take pride in our partnership with KuRun and utilize ZgoCloud's proprietary hardware. We are also connected to leading T1/T2 Carrier, including China Unicom, cogent, Arelion (formerly known as Telia Carrier), ensuring you the best connectivity options.

Key highlights of our data center include

Prime Location: Our data center is strategically situated in Los Angeles, in close proximity to the world-renowned hub of digital entertainment and technology. This prime location allows your business to directly benefit from the region's vibrant network ecosystem and market.

Exceptional Network Connectivity: Our network infrastructure is built to deliver exceptional reach. Notably, our connectivity follows best practices by utilizing China Unicom's lines in the direction of China to ensure efficient and stable connections. In other directions, we are connected to T1 operators like cogent and Arelion (formerly known as Telia Carrier), offering unmatched diversity and reliability.

Security and Stability: We employ the latest security technologies and strict security protocols to safeguard your data from threats. The data center's equipment and services are meticulously designed to ensure maximum stability and availability.


KURUN CLOUD, founded in 2019 and an ARIN member, specializes in fundamental cloud computing and server rental services. Our data center resources extend to regions such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, the United States, Russia, France, and Germany. Our data centers employ BGP multi-line access and have direct connections to China Telecom's CN2 and China Unicom's CU9929 networks. This robust infrastructure ensures our commitment to delivering high-quality and stable network resources and data center services to our clients. We provide the optimal information technology solutions for small to medium-sized websites and enterprise foreign trade websites.

Netherlands Data Center

Our data center in the picturesque Nordwijk is powered by state-of-the-art infrastructure from one of the world's leading internet service providers, Worldstream. At ZgoCloud, we are committed to delivering an unparalleled VPS experience, focusing on exceptional performance, reliability, and customization.

Custom Hardware: We understand that every customer has unique requirements. That's why we offer customized hardware options to meet your specific performance and storage needs. No more settling for one-size-fits-all configurations; you can choose the hardware combination that best suits your business.

Dedicated IP and ASN: At ZgoCloud, you'll receive your own dedicated IP addresses and an autonomous system number (ASN). This means you have full control over your network resources, ensuring high security and privacy.

Multiple Tier-1 Carriers: We are connected to multiple Tier-1 carriers, including Orange S.A., to ensure that your data is always transferred swiftly and reliably. Multiple carriers guarantee the high availability and robustness of our data center.

Cost-Effective Solutions: We understand that cost-effectiveness matters. We offer VPS plans that not only excel in performance but are also highly competitive in price. You get the maximum value for your investment.


Worldstream was originally conceived as an Internet Service Provider. Currently headquartered in Naaldwijk as an IaaS provider. Through the use of their in-house services and the Worldstream Elastic Network (WEN) platform you can deploy and combine IT solutions in one centralized environment.