Data Center Hardware

Data Center Hardware

When you choose our data center as your data hosting and processing partner, you're not only getting a cutting-edge data center but also first-rate hardware, ensuring your website and applications stand out in the global internet landscape.

Japan data center

High-Performance Processors

Our data center is equipped with the latest hardware, including AMD's EPYC 9004 series high-performance processors and Ryzen 7000 series high-performance processors. These processors provide outstanding computational power and efficiently handle various workloads, from website hosting to big data analytics and beyond. Your applications will benefit from the exceptional performance of these processors, resulting in faster response times and higher reliability.

DDR5 ECC Memory

At our data center, we prioritize memory performance and data integrity. We employ DDR5 ECC memory, ensuring the highest level of security and reliability for your data during transmission and processing. The speed and capacity of this memory meet the demands of large-scale applications and databases while ensuring data integrity.

Enterprise-Grade NVME SSD

We partner with leading hardware manufacturers such as Kioxia, Samsung, ZHITAI, and others, meaning your data will be stored on high-quality enterprise-grade NVME SSDs. These solid-state drives offer outstanding read and write performance, enabling your website to quickly respond to user requests with minimal latency. Whether you're in online retail, multimedia content delivery, or cloud applications, these SSDs deliver unparalleled performance.

US data center

Welcome to our U.S. data center, a fortress of digital excellence where we are dedicated to providing outstanding data storage and processing solutions. We are proud to introduce our cutting-edge hardware that will offer unparalleled performance and reliability for your business.

Exceptional Hardware Portfolio

At our U.S. data center, we constantly strive for excellence to ensure the utmost protection and processing of your data. Our hardware infrastructure includes:

4th Generation Intel Xeon Processors: We leverage the latest generation of Intel Xeon processors to provide outstanding computational performance and efficiency for your applications. These processors offer the power needed to efficiently tackle your tasks.

DDR5 ECC Memory: High-speed and reliable DDR5 ECC memory supports data center operations, ensuring data integrity and security. We guarantee that your data remains intact and accessible.

Kioxia Enterprise-grade NVMe SSDs: We employ enterprise-grade NVMe SSDs from Kioxia, delivering exceptional storage performance and reliability to handle a variety of workloads. These SSDs ensure rapid data access.

Future Upgrade Plans

We take pride in our current hardware infrastructure, but we're continually advancing to meet evolving digital demands. In the near future, we plan to introduce more exceptional hardware options, including:

EPYC 9004/8004 Series Processors: We will be offering state-of-the-art EPYC 9004/8004 series processors to provide enhanced computational power and efficiency. This will accommodate applications with more demanding processing needs.

Servers with EPYC 7003 Series Processors: We will also be introducing servers equipped with EPYC 7003 series processors to expand our hardware product line, catering to various budgets and performance requirements. This will provide our clients with more choices.

Netherlands data center

Our Netherlands data center proudly employs high-value-for-money EPYC 7002 servers, DDR4 ECC memory, and enterprise-grade SSDs from Intel. These hardware components work in synergy to provide you with exceptional performance and reliability, ensuring your website and applications run in top-notch condition. While our server performance might be slightly behind in some aspects compared to Japan and the United States, we are focused on providing outstanding value for money, allowing you to get excellent service at a more budget-friendly price.

Unparalleled Value for Money

At our Netherlands data center, we commit to delivering unparalleled value for money to our users. Our VPS services are a wise choice as you can enjoy 3 cores and 4GB of performance for just $25. This means not only can you access high-performance servers on a limited budget, but you can also easily scale as per your needs.

Our Netherlands data center caters to users with various requirements, be it individual bloggers, small and medium-sized enterprises, or large corporations. We offer a range of flexible solutions. Our VPS packages not only offer outstanding performance but also include advanced network connectivity, security, and backup options to ensure your data remains maximally protected.

Most importantly, our Netherlands data center is strategically located in the heart of Europe's data center hub, providing you with excellent network connectivity that connects you to regions worldwide. This makes our data center an ideal choice for hosting international websites and applications, ensuring users can access your content with superior speed and reliability.

Whether you're looking for reliable Virtual Private Servers (VPS), hosting solutions, or other data center services, our Netherlands data center will provide you with exceptional value for money. We firmly believe there should be no compromise between performance and budget, so we offer the best hardware configuration to meet your needs while keeping your data secure and reliable. Choose our Netherlands data center to make your online presence more powerful and budget-friendly.